La NOSTRA filosofia aziendale

Our Corporation is the rightful heir of the one-time creative skills embodied in the high quality standard stemmed from the traditional Parabiago footwear MANUFACTURING PHILOSOPHY, which can be epitomized as follows:

- We use quality raw material (soft, light calf – kid -  nappa and chamois leather), which is what makes our shoes so supple and weightless to wear;

- Uppers are manufactured with great accuracy; our special upper are the cery simbol of our creativity and inventiveness. Details are very important for us, and that’s why we cut all our uppers by hand;

- Our shoes are almost entirely manufactured by hand. Machines are used in just a fewproduction stages, when machinary is need to make handwork somewhat easier, but this will certainly not decrease our footwear’s handcraft quality;

- Furthermore, our shoes are manufactured by the special “tail” processing method, which is quite different from Bally and/or enbioc processing methods; in fact, the sole leather stretches seamiessly into the heel intrados, thus embellishing the footwear by an un commonly refined touch;

- Finaly, much attention is given to details, such as the search for new accessories or the careful finishing of the footwear.

Hese fundamental manufacturing principles are embedeed in our production philosophy, ensure our footwear’s high quality, and are synonymous with “made in parabiago” shoes. Our company’s goal is keep our traditional production values unadulterated, so that whatever new products we put on the market, they will always be consistent with our high quality standards. The limited footwear output marketed by our Corporation ensures product quality and warrants for the great pain we take in manufacturing our products.

- A most important feature of our shoes are our special heels, that are almost entirely made of plastic and/or wood.

Heels are manufactured according to our original and special designs, which are hard to find in our competitor’s footwear as our heels are tumed according to our own proprietary models;

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