The “Gerolamo Cucchi” footwear is marketed in the “Lombardia region”, in Europe and in many other international markets, and is synonmous with execellence and high-quality production by craftsmen.

Our “CUCCHI” shoes stand out from the competitors crowd for their high-quality craftsmanship, and handwork is their most distinctive feature. Our shoes are individually checked by the expert hands of craftsmen, who enjoy doing their job because  they just love making shoes.

Our company grew up and increased its expertise in the most suitable urban and productive environment to train our skilled craftsmen; as a consequence , they are now most qualified to manifacture the typical handcrafted shoes made in the City of Parabiago, a product well known all over the world for its quality and high-class making. Our Corporation is the righful heir of the one-time creative skills embodied in the high quality standard stemmed from the traditional Parabiago footwear manufacturing philosophy.

These fundamental manufacturing principies are embedded in our production philosophy, ensure our footwear’s high quality, and are synonymous with “made in Parabiago” shoes. Our company’s goal is keep our traditional production values unadulterated, so that whatever new products we put on the market , they will always be consistent with our high quality standards.

The limited footwear output marketed by our Corporation ensures product quality and warrants for the great pain we take in manufacturing our products.

Shoes manufactured by Gerolamo Cucchi footwear factory are sold at a gew selected shop in the Lombardy region and in the European Union, especially in France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, England, Germany and Switzerland; Outside Europe our footwear is sold in the United States, and in Japan.

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